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All Inclusive Oak Package

Regular price £350.00

Oak tree inoculated with Perigord truffle spores

All inclusive package - with this package all yearly maintenance care charges are paid for 10 years.

Yearly maintenance care charges are normally charged at £30 a year, this covers all maintenance ( ie pruning,weeding,watering, trimming, harrowing , slitting and harvesting of truffles)

With all the above packages you can choose to have your Truffles sent to you at a small extra charge for carriage, or sold on your behalf with the proceeds being sent to you.

We also have some trees over 3 years old, under our Mature Tree Option for those that would prefer to wait a shorter period of time for their trees to produce Truffles

Each adopter will receive a numbered ownership certificate 

Mature Tree Option £450

Standard Option £350