About Us

Located in the Charente, S.W. France, with the perfect conditions for growing the Perigord Truffle. Our trees were inoculated with the spores of Tuber Melanosporum known as the The French Perigord Truffle or Black Diamonds.  

With a planned planting of at least 500 trees a year, and with some of these trees being included in our new adoption scheme.

You, your loved ones or even clients have the opportunity of adopting a truffle tree, then when it starts to produce truffles, the owner will have the option of receiving their truffles each year or we can sell them on their behalf .

The perfect gift for everyone especially for someone with an interest in food or simply just a fun investment. With prices about £700 per kilo and sometimes as high as £1200 depending on market price.

Simply let us know who you wish to adopt a tree as a gift, and we will send them a numbered adoption certificate, with details of their gift and a personal message from yourselves.

You pay an initial payment that covers all costs for the first year. Then the adopter for subsequent years pays a small care and maintenance charge, to cover irrigation,harrowing,weed control,pruning and harvesting truffles. Or you could opt for our all inclusive package with no further costs for 10 years.

We also offer Pension Packages with no maintenance charges for your lifetime! Ideal for those looking to top up their pension.