What happens if my tree dies? Provided all charges are paid we will replace your tree with one in the same plot free of charge.

What happens if I don't pay my annual fee (where applicable)? We will e-mail you when your annual fee is due, then a further reminder before terminating your adoption. So it is important you keep us up to date with your address and e-mail address!

What returns can I expect from my tree? This is largely down to nature, we do what we can to maximise the truffle yield. Trees normally take from 4 - 10 years to produce truffles, a single tree can produce anything from a minimum of £30 - £440 each year, although in reality we hope to achieve £2000-£3000 per tree, depending on market price. 

What if i don't want to receive my truffles? No problem, we will sell them on your behalf and forward the proceeds.

How can i pay for my tree or annual charge? You can pay by cheque , bank transfer, credit/debit card or paypal

What are your terms and conditions? Terms and conditions can be located here