Our Truffle Hunting Dogs

We use to only use Lagotto Romagnola dogs to find our Truffles, as we have found them to be far superior when it comes to finding Truffles, but recently we have added the very rare Chuandong Hounds to our Truffle hunting team.

Below are the main members of our team, and we do sometimes have puppies available

Our Lagotto Romagnola Dogs

The Lagotto is  an Italian duck hunting dog, that has adapted and proved to be excellent at finding Truffles, they are smart, love digging and have a curly water resistant wooly coat, perfect for Truffle hunting!


Mela - Was our first Lagotto and is probably the best one at finding Truffles! So good we have to watch her weight during Truffle season.

Pedigree Name - Mela De La Foret Des Hauts De Galgals.

D.O.B. - 28/6/16



Poppy - Was our second Lagotto, is also very good at finding Truffles, but can easily be distracted.

Pedigree Name - Perizzia De La Foret Des Hauts De Galgals

D.O.B. - 16/7/19


Sid - Was next as we needed another Truffle hunting dog, and wanted to breed our own future Truffle hunters as they are from such a good line. Also very good at Truffle hunting but will also dig anywhere just to please you!

Pedigree Name - Sid Du Mas Des Lagottines

D.O.B. - 5/1/21


Max - Wasn't planned, he is Sid's sire and was imported from Russia. He had a pretty miserable life, locked up on his own in a kennel all day and just used as a stud dog. So after some lengthy discussions we persuaded the breeder to sell him! He picked up Truffle hunting quite quickly and spends his evenings on the sofa watching TV. A much better way of life than he previously had!

Pedigree Name - Benito

D.O.B. - 11/1/16


Our Chuandong Hounds

We came across this breed in 2022 purely by chance and after discovering how rare and how old the breed was dating back to the Han Dynasty 200 BC, decided we would like to help save and promote this ancient breed. As they were scent hounds used for hunting, we thought we could teach them to hunt Truffles! So Ting and Tao arrived did not take them long to find their first Truffle, in fact at only 10 months old, might have been sooner but we had to wait for the Truffle season to start!

Ting - The quickest of the sisters to pick up Truffle hunting!

Pedigree Name - Cymrygold Ting

D.O.B. - 3/4/22


Tao - Was a little slower at picking up Truffle hunting but now loves it!

Pedigree Name - Cymrygold Tao

D.O.B. - 3/4/22